Life Coaching

NLP Life Coaching – PERSONAL BREAKTHROUGH EXPERIENCE that will launch your life and help you obtain your dreams.

The General Process

First of all we work directly with your Subconscious Mind through your Conscious Mind using our language purposefully because that is where the real changes needs to take place to create instant and lasting changes. We do that with NLP language patterns, making use of Negative Emotional Therapy, Parts Integration Techniques, Bang Pattern Techniques and many other Techniques.

1. We start our first session where you will write down your desired outcome for the end of the sessions, in a goal format. We will assist you to do it in the right format which is very important for goal setting.

2. After that we start by finding out what your main problem is in life. That can be from your career, social life, marriage, health, money, anger problems, depression, stress, anxiety, ect… Then we dig into it to find the root cause of the problem so we can concentrate all our effort on the cause of the problem to illuminate it.

In my opinion if you look at it from a ‘Quantum Physics’ point of view; Everything is Light Energy vibrating at a certain frequency. Your emotions are energy stored in your Neuron Network. Negative Emotions have a very low energy and a very low frequency. They vibrate so low that they bring down the whole persons vibratory energy which has a very negative effect on the person as a whole and on his health. Because like attracts like. So a Low Vibratory body will attract only low vibratory things into his life. And you wondered why so much negative things constantly happen to miserable, angry, sad and depressed people? It is their low vibration that attracts all those low negative things into their life.

The moment you release all these Unprocessed Negative Emotions your own body’s vibratory frequency will pick up. You will have a much higher vibration, thus attracting much more good and positive things into your life. You will have much more control of all your emotions and thoughts and you will be able to choose exactly how to feel every moment in any situation. Why not choose to feel great all the time. That is what I do. And I am not suggesting for you to feel great, now!

Just imagine being in control of your emotions and thoughts. How much better will you be able to steer through life, effortlessly? What will that be worth to you?… In my mind that is priceless! You simply can’t put a price on this!

Additional to all these great things I just mentioned. You will find after releasing all the Unprocessed Negative Emotions that a lot of your other problems you had, just disappears. What a bonus in my mind!

In 100% of all our client all negative emotions were completely gone. But now and then there is that 1% that likes to hold on to another Feeling (not an Emotion) we called Anxiety. But not to worry this one is one of the easiest to eliminate. The process is called the Time Line Anxiety Eliminator. Did you know that you can not experience Anxiety for any situation that had already happened in the past? Try it for yourself and you will find that you cannot… The Time Line Anxiety Eliminator is a quick and very powerful process and it will take care of any anxiety. We will also teach you this process, to do it on yourself if anxiety ever comes back to you.

Last but not the least we help the client to set goals at the end of the session. We got a very nice effective system of how to formulate a goal. We call it;


  • S = Specific, Simple
  • M = Measurable, Meaningful to you
  • A = As if now, Achievable, All areas of your life
  • R = Realistic, Responsible / Ecological
  • T = Timed, Towards what you want

These are just some of the major techniques we use. There is a lot more going on in the back ground where we use smaller subtle NLP techniques that also transforms the client’s thinking to be more on the Cause Side of Life and not the effect side of life. And this is our ultimate Goal; to get every Client of ours on The Cause Side of Life. This is in my mind the ULTIMATE EMPOWERMENT!!!

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