Meet the Warriors

We are an innovated NLP Life Coaching and Seminar Training Team. Together as a team we are single-mindedly dedicated to improve the lives of every man, woman or child on this earth. Our aim for you is to experience each day with gratitude, love and abundance in every area of your life whether you are a professional or housewife. You are never too young or too old for change, because with change comes growth….

The Warrior Coaching Centre - The Company

The company originated in 2010. Renier specialise in anger management, low self esteem, removing limiting beliefs, releasing negative emotions, and helping people set and achieve their goals and much, much more.

Renier has lectured in NLP and Life Coaching principles and also present workshops and do one-on-one sessions with clients.  The one-on-one sessions we provide are specifically tailored to the client’s needs.

We are based in  Pretoria but also travel to client locations if it is required.



Renier Jooste

Renier is a Certified Master Coach, published author, national public speaker and founder of the Warrior Coaching Centre, NLP 4 Life Coaching as well as the only Anger Management Specialist in South Africa.

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Christa Possible

Christa is a Life Coach and public speaker, she specialises in women’s empowerment and upliftment as well as relationships, i.e. couples, family, friends and work relationships.

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Mar-nelle Visser

Mar-nelle is a certified Master Life & NLP Coach, with a Bachelor’s degree Theology. She sees Life Coaching as the art of seeing each individual in the light of their original authentic design and provides assistance and coaching to people of any race, age, socioeconomic status, gender, Religion, national origin or sexual orientation.

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Natalie Swanepoel

Going through her own personal struggles and search for answers, she developed herself and found her path of becoming a qualified NLP Life Coach and have been coaching since 2014. Natalie specialises in coaching people suffering from depression.  

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